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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Vina Dewi Sastaviyana Panduwinata born in Bogor, West Java, August 6, 1959, age 51 years; better known by the name of Vina Panduwinata is one of Indonesian pop music diva. The song is the famous Seagull.
Vinay grew up in a family of music lovers. Vina singing talent from her mother declined a bloody Ambon - Manado, Albertine Supit. Since childhood, Vina often moved around the country to follow his father's task, R Panduwinata, as a diplomat. Vina elementary school days spent in Bogor and New Delhi, India. Junior high school he spent in Bogor and Wassenaar, Netherlands. Upon entering high school, Vina moved to West Germany. There, the eighth child of 10 siblings had studied for four years at Yamaha Music School. Vina has ever made a record label RCA single in Hamburg, Germany, namely Java and Single Bar (1978) and Sorry, Sorry and Touch Me (1979).
In 1981, Sunda-blooded woman-Ambon Manado returned to Indonesia and met with the musicians who are interested in Mogi Darusman Vina vocal character and introduced him to various recording companies. At last Jackson made albums Records that are interested to Vina. Under Jackson's debut album titled Records Citra Biru (1981). The album contains the song "Blue Image" it introduces the name of Vina in the country music scene.

The second album was released a year later titled Citra Enchantment (1982) involves a songwriter like Dodo Zakaria, James F Sundah, plus music arranger Addie MS The album that started to toss a Vina it contains songs such as "September Ceria", "Worlds Kudamba", "Restless", and "in love". The third album Citra Ceria (1984) also successfully drew sympathy with the song "On My Chest There is You", "My World Smile", and "Between Us". Through his album Seagull (1985), his name is getting stuck. The song with the same title in the album became the icon himself, with the title 'The Seagull Vina'.


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