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Friday, December 24, 2010

Discussing the event has passed may not appropriate, but if there are more events like this learn from in the past so it will be better targeted. For now we can see the rest.Remove from television that catapulted his name was, Tika and Tiwi T2 duo later joined. And then they both released albums that given the title 'OK'. What's so special?

With music that is not complicated, they chose to pop as its feet. Standard and fair choice if we want to easily acceptable to the market.The first single 'OK' made by Dewiq, a composer who was selling well as a songwriter. T2 Character pop sound and rada spoiled, do not be too difficult to be recognized market. Beyond that there is a storm and Dodhy Kerispatih Band. T2 also resemble two old songs 'Love Letter' and 'Tua-Tua Keladi' creation Oddie Agam and Teddy Sujaya.

Although it was not like a QUEEN looks phenomenal, but this may be a precursor realization of dropout AFI. Hopefully who ever hailed the jury was thought to be able to follow the trail that exists to promote music beloved homeland.

One beautiful and sexy woman must have been able to make you amazed. Then, what if there are 2 beautiful women and sexy all at once? You will definitely be a headache to choose which one. Yes, T2 is a sexy duo are climbing the career of the world to sing. Although it looks very compact, but their men's tastes are different. Tiwi Indonesia looking men prefer the original. What about Tika?

Some people argue that the music of Indonesia is currently entered in the phases is questionable in quality. But there is also a saying for what-ribet ribet in presenting a work of music. Approximately a second opinion can we find in T2 vocal group that presents music that is very easy to digest. FHM would not give a damn about it, obviously this sexy duo will answer questions about themselves FHM and also about the men, including the fact that Tika was like an oriental looking man. FHM February 2008 Issue


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