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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Circulation of images 'exciting' Citra Yunita on the Internet makes it restless. Section, on Wednesday (31 / 1), Citra Yunita summoned police to provide information about the photos circulating in cyberspace that.
"I never spread the photos 'exciting' to me. Perhaps there are people who are not happy with my popularity," said Citra Yunita who was accompanied by his lawyer Michel Padede, Wednesday (31 / 1).

According to Citra Yunita, his arrival to the police this time, to complete his report to the Police. He reported a photographer who has mencorengkan reputation. In fact, the image of one of the suspects pointed photographers initials 'T' that has been spreading these exciting photos.
"I'm not willing when the photos were widespread in the community. Moreover, the photo was a family known to me," he said.

Celebrity Porn Videos Citra Yunita added that he was never done by a magazine photo shoot with a photographer. However, not to dress sexy. But, which circulated on the Internet turned out differently. according to him, the photo that circulated in cyberspace is the result of engineering.
"I know very well my photos. And in circulation was not my original," he said


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